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A talented upcoming bass player, Chris Croce brings an engaging passion of music to any stage or genre. A graduate of the world-renowned at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, Chris is majored in Music Business & Entertainment Industries while improving his performance ability as a minor in Jazz Bass. He's shared the stage with greats in many genres, including Bruce Hornsby, Lamont Dozier, Peter Erskine, Jeff Coffin, Brian Lynch, and Esperanza Spalding, to name a few.

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Well, it has been quite some time since my last blog post, but wow what a whirlwind of a few months. I have settled and moved in to my place in Nashville, living near Music Row with two great roommates. Been playing a few gigs here and there, but mostly going out and seeing a ton of music, meeting other musicians, and lining up other upcoming gigs for the fall season. The city of Nashville itself is beautiful; a big town, but not too crowded or cramped, and everyone is super nice! The CMA fest in June was a lot of fun and a great introduction to the country music scene. Great musicians and unbelievable performers, definitely looking to get into the touring scene here. Looking forward to adding some more gig dates in the fall (a few are already in the works), but here's one to add to the calendar: Exit Inn on August 30th!

Recital Recordings! 

Finally! I'm starting to get some recordings from my senior recital up on the internet. You can find them on my SoundCloud (www.soundcloud.com/christopher-croce) and also at the Multimedia section of my website. The first one that got uploaded was the jazz standard "I Thought About You" which featured myself on upright and Ariel Pocock on vocals. Be sure to check it out!

The next one that's getting uploaded is very special to me, as it's a song I wrote about my mom. She has been one of the most inspiring figures in my life and she's always been there to support me and push me towards the next goal. The song is titled "Full Speed Ahead" because it's a saying we use meaning that no matter what's going on, if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. So just go for it! 

I need to give a huge thanks to David Lukens, Johnathan Hulett, Ariel Pocock, and Neil Carson who absolutely KILLED it on this tune. Hoping to get some more tracks up soon, but until then, Full Speed Ahead!

Nashville Bound! 

It's official! I will be moving to Nashville starting in mid May. David and I found a house near Music Row and Downtown for an awesome price and I'm really excited to continue my career in the Music City. Plus, it'll be the first time living in my own house! So if anyone has moving advice, feel free to email me :) As school at UM wraps up this last month, I'll be working on mixing some tracks from my senior recital, as well as playing some last gigs down here in South Florida. Hoping to have at least one new track up this week, and maybe even another one up by next week. Stay tuned!

Senior Recital! 

Hello everyone! My apologies for the lack of blogs, as you may or may not know, February was a very busy month for me as I was preparing for my senior recital, which I had March 2nd. I had a TON of fun and need to give a huge thanks to everyone that was involved. I had an amazing group of musicians help bring my music to life, and I couldn't have done it without them: David Lukens, Ariel Pocock, Matt Buckner, Neil Carson, Jake Shapiro, Johnathan Hulett, Aidan Lombard, Derrick Dymalski, Javier Nero, Jess Nolan, and my younger brother Bryan Croce. They absolutely nailed everything and I can't wait to hear the recordings! Also, huge thanks to Chuck Bergeron who helped me prepare the recital, as well as Tim Smith, my mentor from Nashville who came down for the recital. And of course, my family and mom and dad who are always there to support me. It was a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to get the recordings! I also think I might want to record some demo material during my final months here at UM, so be on the lookout for new recordings coming soon!

The Jazz Cruise 2014 - Part 2 

So seeing that my birthday was the first full day of the cruise, I know this sounds crazy but the cruise kept getting BETTER after that jam-packed day. We (the Ariel Pocock Trio) played 4 sets, and each set sounded better than the last. What was a really special moment was seeing big-name jazz guys in the audience (Benny Green, John Clayton, Shelly Berg, Wycliffe Gordon, to name a couple) coming to check us out. These are guys with Grammys to their name, or have worked with the best of the best in the jazz world, and here they are listening to us. We got a chance to talk to Benny Green after one of his sets, and he absolutely loved our playing, our positive energy, and overall style of the group. To hear such support from a musician of his caliber was incredibly inspiring. In addition to our sets, I had the opportunity to play at one of their late night jam sessions, and played with Alex Han (sax player for Marcus Miller), Shelly Berg, and Joe LaBarbera (drummer who played with the legendary Bill Evans). Talk about experiential learning!

The Jazz Cruise 2014 - Part 1 

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delay on these blog posts, catching up with school and rehearsals after being gone for a week is quite difficult. I had an absolutely amazing time on The Jazz Cruise with Ariel Pocock and Matt Buckner. We played 4 sets and got a lot of positive feedback. I had so many unforgettable moments that it's hard to pick my favorite, but I'll start with my birthday.

There was so much music going on that I had to remind myself that today was ACTUALLY my birthday. Wycliffe Gordon's Gospel set was the best thing to start my day with, and I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Marcus Miller, one of my favorite musicians and a legendary bassist. He was incredibly nice and supportive, and he talked about various stories from his tours and recording sessions. I also asked him about my favorite of his albums, A Night in Monte Carlo, and he actually told me that show wasn't even supposed to have been recorded. It was by accident, and the label later requested the tracks to be mixed and released. How cool! And to cap off the night, his band played an amazing set which ended with one of his first tunes I ever learned (or tried to learn as a kid). 

I'll write more about the Jazz Cruise as the weekend goes along, so stay tuned for updates!

2014 JEN Conference  

Wow! What an amazing weekend in Dallas for the 2014 Jazz Education Network Conference. I was kept very busy helping run the inaugural JENerations Jazz Festival, designed to let high school bands come and get a clinic from some of the best musicians and educators in the jazz world. I got to hang out with a ton of people over the weekend, but huge shout outs to Corey Christiansen for asking me to play on his clinic, Scott Wilson for his words of advice, Caleb Chapman for continuing to be an amazing mentor and friend, and Brian Lynch for leading our Latin Jazz Ensemble from UM as we killed it on Saturday night's performance. After very little sleep, I have finally made it back to Miami for my last semester of school. No rest for the weary though… a couple gigs this weekend and then the Jazz Cruise in less than two weeks!

First Blog Post!  

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog post on my website. It's a new year and I'm really excited for what lies ahead for me in 2014. I'll be posting pictures and videos on here, as well as writing about the various gigs, conferences, events and other things that happen, so be sure to check back here to follow everything! First stop in 2014... Dallas for the JEN Conference!

I'm extremely honored to have been asked by JEN Board Member Caleb Chapman to help out with the JENerations Jazz Festival. I'll be the Stage Manager for Venue #1, as well as doing a couple clinics while I'm there. The first clinic will be Friday morning with fellow Utah'n and D'Addario Endorsee Corey Christiansen, who is an amazing jazz guitarist and I'm thrilled to get a chance to work with him again. The second clinic will be with Grammy winner, and professor from Miami, Brian Lynch with his Artist Ensemble. I've been working with Brian for the past year and a half, and he's one of the best ensemble directors I've ever had. Should be a really great and informative clinic, followed by a performance later that day. I'm also looking forward to seeing my friends at D'Addario and D'Addario Woodwinds, as well as other great musicians that I haven't seen in a while. 

Be sure to check back later in the week for updates from Dallas!