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August already? 

Yes, it seems that the summer has just flown by. I just got back from a family vacation celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday. Normally I don't like leaving Nashville in the summer, but she gave me her baby grand piano just last month and it's now set up over at White Bridge Studios! A HUGE thank you to her, it's a beautiful instrument and is a perfect addition to our new studio.

Looking forward to some more in town shows with Corey Mac, Nicole Boggs, and more! Not to mention the weddings coming up. It… Read more

Summer time in Nashville! 

Well, after a great time at Bonnaroo with my younger brother who just graduated high school, it's full on summer time here in Nashville! Be sure to be on the look out for local shows with guys like Alex Kramer and Corey Mac down at ACME, BB Kings, and Bourbon Street. Also, White Bridge Studios is getting up and running! Feels good to finally get some clients in there and get my recording chops going again. 

Full Speed Ahead is Officially Released!! 

I'm incredibly happy to announce that my debut EP, Full Speed Ahead, is now out and available for download!! Go to the "Store" tab and either download or get the physical copy. NOTE: The physical copies are still being printed and are about 1-2 weeks away; however, if you want/buy a physical copy, you get an album download, so you can still enjoy the music while we wait for the physical copies to be completed. 

First Road Trip... 

Hello everyone,

Super excited to announce that this weekend I'll be doing my first weekend road gig since moving to Nashville!! I'll be playing in Kansas City Thursday night and St. Louis Saturday night. Check out my events for details...

As for my EP, I'm in the absolute final stages. The masters are ready, the tracks sound awesome, and all that's left is finalizing the album artwork and paperwork. I can't tell you how excited I am to show what I've been working on the past few months; not to mention how… Read more

Final Stages of EP and New Dates 

Hope everyone has survived the winter weather and is ready for spring to be here! Nashville had a few snow storms, but nothing this "Parkite" couldn't handle. Amidst the snow storm, I've been working really hard on getting the tracks ready for my upcoming EP. With the amazing help of Tim Smith, the songs are starting to come to life and we are in the final mixes stages! I'm extremely excited to share this music with you, and am looking to release my EP in late April/early May. I am also recruiting the help… Read more

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